January 25, 2004

"Some companies today develop strong brands and achieve success without explicitly trying to do so. This occurs when the owner has a very firm grasp on who she is and for what she ... and her company ... stands".

David J. Perkins, Jr.,Editor and Publisher, The Business Owner Journal

AbuLLard collaborates with
"The Business Owner" Journal


Branding in "Plain English"

Several months ago CattLeLogos teamed up with David L. Perkins, Jr., editor and publisher of The Business Owner Journal, to write a series of articles on branding. 

The Business Owner Journal delivers no nonsense how-to advice to owners of small and mid-size private companies. Offered in both hard copy and electronic versions and in constant circulation since 1977, The Business Owner's paid circulation is growing rapidly and is generally considered a "must have" for business owners that are serious about building value.

Mr. Perkins says, "Business owners need good information to make good decisions. What better source than other successful business owners?"  A recent survey of subscribers revealed that 95% of the 20,000 paid subscribers read and retain their issues; and 82% say they receive a positive or substantially positive impact on themselves (personally) their family and their business!

Our collaboration started when David received a copy of "AbuLLard's ABC's of Branding." He appreciated both the humor and the clarity that it brought to basic concepts of branding. Together we developed an outline based on the CattLeLogos Method. Typically the CattLeLogos team writes the draft, David tweaks it a bit, and then it goes to press.

The series has been very well-received. David says, "The CattLeLogos team possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in the high value area of branding, and they've been willing to unselfishly share it with our subscribers ... in plain English!  They actually want to share knowledge, teach and add value.  These are my kind of people."

We value the opportunity to work with Mr. Perkins and The Business Owner journal. David has made major contributions both to the articles and to our ability to communicate the fundamentals of this business. We hope this is the beginning of a long term collaboration.

The Series

Articles in the series include:
(Click on title to read the article)

Avoid Marketing Mayhem Establishing Your Brand Vision

Logo and Look: Selecting the Visual Elements that Support Your Brand Vision

Tag Lines and Ad Copy:
What You Say Should Support Your Brand Vision

Guided Missile Marketing: Selecting Mediums with Maximum Payload

In the next issue:
Marketing for Dummies?
Build in Quality Control

Coming up in future issues:
Master Your Marketing
: Monitoring and Feedback Enable Continuous Improvement

Creative Creatures:
Working with Marketing, PR and Ad Professionals

Win the Marketing Game:
Be Proactive or Perish

Brand Element of the Month:




Ashton Tweed

Jim Rudman



Getting the word out about Interim Executives


Ashton Tweed provides companies with immediate access to senior-level talent. Interim employment is the fastest growing trend in executive employment. It’s a smart way for companies to turn a fixed expense into a variable cost.


Ashton Tweed has a unique "Associates Program". It both provides employers with a pool of well qualified candidates for interim positions and candidates with support services.


Jim recently initiated an electronic newsletter, or "e-zine" that high-lights interviews with both interim executives and companies that employ them. Early response includes comments such as:

"All right, I'm sold! You make a very effective case for the merits of interim positions and the rationale for to get me involved."


"Sign me up!"


Perhaps a news letter will help your business grow too!



Hayloise's Book of the Month

Guerrilla Creativity: Make Your Message Irresistible with the Power of Memes.
By Jay Conrad Levinson


Every once in a while I read a book that restructures my thinking on how to approach a particular topic. GUERILLA CREATIVITY by Jay Conrad Levinson is one such book.


It provides fundamental insights into how to create symbols -- both images and messages -- that stick in people's minds. Fundamental to his approach are the “meme”, the field of “memetics”, and how they relate to marketing communications.


Levinson defines a "meme" as a self-explanatory symbol that communicates an entire idea. Memes are simple, easy to remember words, actions, or images that capture the minds of the general populace.


He provides many examples of how powerful memes are, how they come to be, and how to take advantage of them. If you are a marketer, or interested in persuasion, this book is a great read.

Click on the book cover image to go to its page on Amazon.com

Examples of Memes:
Word "click here"
Action Donald Trump's gesture for "You're fired"
Sound  "AFLAC!!"
Image The label ribbon in support of troops, breast cancer or AIDS awareness

Brand Tip of the Month




What good is is a brand or a marketing campaign if no one remembers it?


What's the secret to being memorable?


Keep it simple.

Think about how complex the world is today...

  • How many images do you see every day?

  • How much e-mail do you get and delete?

  • How much bulk mail do you actually read?

  • How many telemarketing phone calls do you get? How many do you avoid with caller ID?

Before developing your own brand or marketing materials think about what grabs you as a consumer. What do YOU remember?

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Published January 25, 2004

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