March 17, 2005

For years there has been a theory that millions of monkeys typing at random on millions of typewriters would reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. The Internet has proven this theory to be untrue.

- Anonymous

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AbuLLard Visits a Marketing Class at Temple University

AbuLLard was invited to be a guest in Ed DuCoin's marketing class at Temple. Rather than give a presentation, we decided to just have a round table discussion with the students. It was fascinating. What a way to get a fresh perspective on the market... talk to young people!

We had a lively discussion of "Love" brands. It was interesting that when asked what was their favorite brand and why, a large number of the answers had to do with "exceptional service." Some of the products mentioned in this category were: Volkswagen, Japan Air Lines (JAL), and the 12th Street Gym. My favorite answer though was about Coach Handbags. The student talked at length about how she was treated in the store and the after sale follow-up and never mentioned the product itself!

Another group of favorites were "experiential" brands -- Starbucks, Guinness beer, Wawa Markets, Jeep Wranglers. Starbucks represents a 15 minute break  in your day. Jeep drivers have a special wave for each other.

Two other selections pointed out how much personal values impact selection of brand favorite. One student cited Marlboro cigarettes! Despite all the smoking bans, Marlboro has stayed true to it's brand and created brand loyalty. Another cited the Trump Taj Mahal Casino because it has a smoke free poker room! Just goes to show you that one person's "Love" brand is another's "I Can't Stand It" Brand!

There are the brands we choose because that's what we always done... we grew up with Crest, so we still reach for it when we're in the store and need toothpaste.

And then there are the brands our pets demand... Nine Lives Cat Food, for example. Her cat won't eat anything else. 

We also talked about how technology has impacted branding and marketing. The advent of the web, cable TV, and digital printing has made it easy to send your marketing message out to more people with a more targeted message. The huge number of "channels" has made it much easier to market to special interest groups. (They gasped when I pointed out that there was a time when there were only 3 TV channels!)

At the same time, technology has also made it easy for consumers to ignore marketing. For example -- TIVO ("I'll never watch a commercial again"); Caller-ID, ("I don't answer it if I don't recognize the number")

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Last months nominee for favorite brand was:
Mr. Peanut! That's one that has been around for a while.

Erin Go Baa

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Brand Element of the Month:


Web Site


 Cellular GenetiX
Practical Genomics for Medical

Dr. David Targan


Click here to visit David's website.

A Web Site for the Brave New World


Gene testing can improve your health. Genetic research is revolutionizing the practice of medicine by peaking into the inherited blueprint within every cell.

A tremendous amount of global research is gradually correlating the variations to specific consequences in the body. Current gene tests produce an impressive amount of useful, highly specific data that can be used to anticipate diseases and design optimum and customized treatment programs.

Dr. David Targan founded Cellular GenetiX to promote the use of gene testing and provide resources to doctors and patients who are interested in the procedure.

CattLeLogos and our associates Steve Bowman of BizClarity and Liza Sandford of Candy Apple Design have collaborated to design, write and build a web site for Cellular GenetiX.

Information on the site will help both doctors and patients understand and order gene tests for more accurate diagnosis of disease. Genetics testing also can be used improve the accuracy of drug treatment (pharmacogenomics), to profile for identification, and to prove paternity.

Hayloise's Book of the Month

Color Image Scale
By Shigenobu Kobayashi

Color Image Scale is one of those delightful little books that demystifies working with color. The author Shigenobu Kobayashi, a leading color psychologist, and his team at the Nippon Color and Design Research Institute spent three years researching color combinations along with where they are most likely to be used.

He gives an overview of color theory and then creates a "Color Combination Image Scale." Each of 130 basic colors is arranged with other colors in groups of three.

What's really unique about this book though is that each of the colors and color triads are indexed by words that describe the feeling associated with the colors. Words, such as festive, bright, mellow, diligent, generous, tranquil, etc. If you want a color scheme that implies extravagant, look in the alphabetical index in the back -- there are two color sets that match that description.

This book is an example of Just Enough. It is small, beautifully laid out, easy to read, and contains a wealth of information. It's a fun and non-traditional way to talk to people about color.

Click on the book cover image to go to its page on

Brand Tip of the Month


Just Enough

Somebody wise once said, "Just because you can do, doesn't mean you should." Actually I think that was AbuLLard... but it's been said by many others too. For a long time.

In article in Monitor Magazine, May 1996, John Collins of Writers Block wrote, "One of the most common errors made by neophyte Web developers is the perceived need to squeeze every ounce of coolness they can into a Web page by making it dance, sing, and spin on its head."

Unfortunately that's still true. Make sure that whoever designs and builds your web site understands the business implications of its design and functionality.

Use "Just Enough" technology to make it interesting, but make sure the effects don't interfere with people's ability to find what they are looking for on your site.

And remember the ABC's -- make it Appropriate for your target audience, make sure it's Believable, and that your messages are Clear and Consistent.

Wow! That's a
wild web site!

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Published February 15, 2005

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