Our founders bring a unique perspective to the branding process. They are both technically trained PhDs, have been corporate executives, and share a lifetime interest in the creative arts, having won design awards. They also share an irreverent sense of humor because they know: "They who laugh, last."
Dr. Jean Wilcox
Dr. Jane Cameron
Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean Wilcox is one of the founding partners of CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems. She earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and began her career as a Technical Specialist at Xerox where she managed several research projects. However, she soon realized that what she liked best about her job was talking and writing about the process, not working in the lab. She discovered that she had a knack for translating technical concepts into language that was understood by non-technical people.

Jean has been cited over the years for her ability to work across functionality and cross culturally -- having particularly strong connections in Japan where she has built lasting relationships with Japanese business colleagues in addition to developing a sense of Japanese design elements. She has won high praise for her presentation skills and been told that she "plays PowerPoint like a piano!"

Most recently Jean was VP of Marketing and Product Development for the Graphics Division of Hunt Corporation where she created a simplified and focused brand strategy that eliminated redundant resources as well as market confusion resulting from multiple product brands. Prior to Hunt, Jean was Executive Director of Web Sites and Brand Management at Telcordia Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Bellcore) and was a team leader in the company's name change and rebranding effort.

In addition to her marketing career, Jean has a gift for color and design and has won awards for original designs in needlepoint, knitting, and clothing design. She ran a small business called Shibumi Designs combining traditional Japanese fabrics with Western clothing design. When it comes to choosing colors and design elements, she is one of the pickiest people alive.

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Dr. Jane Dr. E. Jane Cameron is one of the founding partners of CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems. She has 15 years experience managing software development, professional services, and network services management and research at Telcordia Technologies (formerly known as Bellcore.) She worked closely with corporate communications to prepare corporate materials as well as to develop processes for ensuring branding guidelines were satisfied.

Through her experience she is well aware of the importance of an appropriate image, a clear message, and the needs of the organizations expected to produce materials that adhere to corporate guidelines. She is known for her ability to design, streamline, and clarify processes and software that supports them.

Prior to this, Jane was Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Clarkson University and State University of New York. She enjoys teaching, particularly producing materials that are useful, easy to understand, and valuable when applied.

Jane is also an accomplished artist, who has won awards for her knitting and embroidery designs. She has written one of the most extensive tutorials on machine embroidery available. She has a finely tuned sense of color and a knack for creating interesting, yet simple layouts. She earned an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Washington.

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