Brand guidelines have no value if they are not implemented by everyone in the company. Every correspondence, presentation, sales pitch and fax need to carry the same corporate “look and feel”. Desktop publishing has made everyone in the organization a “brand manager”. However, most people do not have the training in design or the depth of knowledge of software programs to know how to effectively translate brand guidelines in to desktop documents.

A key element of the CattLeLogos Method is the development of templates for documents, presentations, and web sites that incorporate not only corporate logos but also color schemes, visual elements, and pre-constructed layouts for commonly used tables, graphs, diagrams, and charts.

These templates have benefits over and above having a consistent look and feel to your documents. They improve the productivity of your people by enabling a person to concentrate on the creating content and not the format. Our clients have found that the time required for them to write professional looking proposals and presentations has been reduced by 50% to 60% using such templates.