The Means include ALL the ways in which you convey your image and communicate your message. Far beyond a logo, they include documents, proposals and faxes; presentations including specific content and style of delivery as well as format; web site implementation; phone interactions; customer support to name few.

CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems provides the means to present yourself effectively and appropriately and to maintain your brand platform. Some of the ways in which we do that include:

IMM Means
A set of internalized guidelines that are easy for everyone to follow
A set of templates that anyone creating a "branded" document can use
A set of graphic elements that enhance your brand
Short, effective training sessions on
xxx- the use of the brand system
xxx- how to make the most effective use of
xxx- ways to improve the quality of presentations
xxx- the importance of the proper use of trademarks
Even an elegant logo and a strong message can lose their effectiveness if not presented consistently and maintained over time.