If you only had two minutes to tell someone about your company, what would you say?

The CattLeLogoes Method includes working sessions to develop a clear set of messages that capture a brand promise that addresses market needs.

IMM Message
Step 1:  Examine your corporate goals and strategy.
Answer the questions:
spaWho are we?
spaWhat is our most important goal?
spaWho are our customers?
spaWhat are their most important concerns?
Step 2: Based on that analysis, determine what are the key messages you need to convey.
Answer the questions:
spa What's most important to communicate?
spa What's relevant? What's NOT relevant?
spa What's unique?
spa What's believable?
Step 3: Create a brand platform with the appropriate, memorable messages
The message must consistent. Everyone in your company should understand it, support it and communicate it in all their interactions with customers, media, partners, etc.