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Dear AbuLLard,

I have recently moved from a large company to a start-up company the large company had clearly defined brand guideline for the look of nearly everything and a graphics department to enforce it. I used to get frustrated with them telling me what to do but our materials hada recognizable "brand image".

The new company doesn't have any guidelines and people just stick the logo on documents, presentations and labels any way they want to. Now I realize how important those guidelines were at my former company and how much better a company looks when it has a cosistant look and feel across its materials.

Now people are frustrated at with me. When I make comments about the need for branding people say, "It's too much work" or, "Its too expensive" to develop brand guidelines, or "We have more important things to worry about".

How can we develop good branding principles at our small company without investing a lot of time and money?

Afflicted with Hoof in Mouth,

Dear Ferdinand,

Take your hoof out of your mouth... you are right! Good branding doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to implement!! And it's very important to build good branding practices in to the processes of a company while its still young. This way they become part of the corporate "DNA" and don't have to be imposed from the outside later on when they are a mess to clean-up and do cost much more.

In addition to basic brand elements like logo, business cards and letterhead, CattLeLogos will work with you to develop a set of document and presentation templates that make it very easy for everyone in your company to create material with a clear, consistant brand message to your customers. They will also develop a website for you that carries the same clear consistant brand message to your customers. And they will do this cost effectively, delivering to you only the elements and templates that you need.

Happy Branding!

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