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The CattLeLogos® Method™ - 7 Steps to Brand Value

The brand must portray an image that supports the corporate products, goals, and strategy. It must be immediately recognizable and memorable in a positive way.

Our approach to Brand Anatomy, the CattLeLogos Method, walks you through a decision tree that aids your selection of the appropriate elements to strengthen your message and enhance your image. In five simple steps, we work with you to ask and answer the questions will define your brand strategy.

Seven Steps from VISION to VALUE

Step 1:
... the foundation of your "Brand Promise"

CattLeLogos helps you to crystallize the key elements that are the foundation of what you want your brand to convey to the marketplace. Everything you and your company do, and more importantly, what you don't do, impacts your brand value.
Step 2:
... the look and feel of your Brand Package

We create visual elements are appropriate for your company, your business type, your industry, and your customers and that "stand out from the herd."
Step 3:
... a collection of statements that support your Brand Strategy We define a common set of messages to be used in all your communications � internal and external. Everyone who touches your brand should be intimately familiar with the Brand Vision and represent it correctly in all their interactions.
Step 4:
... the way in which you convey your message

We assist you to determine what's the most cost effective way to reach your target audience and give you the tools and techniques for creating the right marketing materials. Our approach is to use "Just Enough" design elements to be appropriate for your audience.
Step 5:
... your Vision, Image, and Message through all Means of marketing materials and customer interactions.

Our training and implementation services help you to:
  • Take ownership of the brand identity
  • Create processes for managing brand elements
  • Train people in presenting your message
  • Give everyone who touches your brand an easy way to create documents, presentations, proposals, etc., with the correct brand elements � logo, font, colors, and graphic elements
Step 6:
... how well you Brand Strategy and Marketing Program are working

We assist you establish feedback loops that enable the continuous improvement necessary to compete in an ever changing and ever more competitive world. It�s the monitoring, data gathering and retrial effort that allows a company to go from marketing mayhem to mastery.
Step 7:
... keep track of how well you are adhering to your Brand Strategy

We assist your implement some simple procedures that make everyone accountable for maintaining the value of the brand. You need to let everyone know that senior management values the fulfillment of the Brand Promise. If you don�t make it clear that �living the Brand� is important, no amount of training and monitoring will give the desired results.
The RESULT ... creation of measurable BRAND VALUE.

Studies show that aligning internal business processes with brand vision leads to increased profitability.
CattLeLogos Method
  • Vision
  • Image
  • Message
  • Means
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Maintenance
    Getting to Brand Value
    Does everyone in your company convey the same message about
    your company?

    Does your behavior support what
    you are saying?

    Do your messages capture the professional position you desire?

    Are they relevant to what you
    actual deliver?

    Do your words create the right kind
    of emotional response in the potential customer?


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