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How strong is your brand?
        Does it stand out from your competitors?
                Does it stack up against your self-perceptions?
                        Do your target customers positively respond to it?

The CattLeLogos Method™© of Vision to Value assesses your brand's strength — and part of this involves you rating your brand.

In the Workshop or On-Site Seminars

  • exercises follow each step of Vision to Value
  • self-assessment and group discussion
  • rate your brand abc's
  • hints and guidelines

On the Web

Ask for a $75 Evaluation

Are you interested in CattLeLogos® evaluating your brand? Using the results of your score card, we measure your brand and provide you with an overall grade. As part of this, we identify three areas critical to improving your brand strength and recommend corrective action for the most critical.

To begin, simply send us an email at [email protected].

Self-Assessment: Your Score Card

Already filled out your score card? Unsure as to what your scores mean? Wondering what to do next? Here are some "cow tips" to help you perform a self-assessment.