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Upcoming Appearances

Entrepreneur Toolbox April Tel-conference
When: Monday, April 23 @ 1PM EDT
Jean Wilcox will lead a teleconference on "The Complete Branding Solution", and begin to teach tele-con participants to build a brand that stands out from the herd.
How to Access: Visit to register.
Cost: $9.99 (see the registration page for details)

GPSEG Professional Services Business Forum
Jean Wilcox will be a panelist at the inaugural GPSEG Professional Services Business Forum on June 13th, 2007. Jean will participate in a roundtable on "Developing A Successful Marketing Plan".

Specifics concerning the location will be ready shortly. So, check back here or visit the GPSEG website.

Recent Sightings

Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate
Did you listen to Jean Wilcox and Jane Cameron on Jim's radio show on Monday, April 16th, 2007?  If not, you can search his archives for "Wilcox" or "Cameron" and you'll find our interviews.

Pierce College
Did you catch Jean Wilcox's talk, "Branding for Entrepreneurs", at the entrepreneurial marketing program at Pierce College, on April 3, 2007? If not, Jean may be available to talk to your school or business as well.  Contact us to find out how Jean might help you.

"The Entrepreneur Toolbox"
Our own Dr. Jean was recently interviewed by Manny Nowak, founder, "The Entrepreneur Toolbox". We captured their discussions about the importance of good branding in the following CDs.

    CDs 1 and 2: The Complete Branding Solution
    Through this in depth conversation between Jean and Manny, you will learn what every successful entrepreneur needs in order to take his/her business to the next level through smart branding practices.

    CD 3: The CattLeLogos Method: Seven Steps to Building a Brand that Stands Our from the Herd
    Jean and Manny discuss our trademarked CattLeLogos® Method™ of brand development.

All CDs are available in the CattLeLogos Store.


For a complete schedule of CattLeLogos event participation — as well as information on many more local business networking events — visit CattLeLink.

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