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AbuLLard's ABC's of Branding
Seminar and Workshop

Want to learn how to build a brand
that adds value to your business?

This seminar answers those questions and more! A combination of presentation and working exercises, this workshop will give you great ideas and useful tools to build your brand strategy and marketing platform. The length and format of the seminar can be tailored to meet your company's needs.

Presenting a new three-part workshop series:
AbuLLard's ABC's of Branding
A Brand Worth Talking About
Technology and Brand Management

Our presenter uses a combination of cartoons and real life examples that illustrate the basic aspects of good brand management in a humorous and light hearted way.

You will learn:

  • Basic concepts of brand management (the ABC's)
  • How to evaluate your own brand image and brand management process.
  • How to develop a clear strategy for improving your brand image.
  • Some fundamental do's and don't's for "Do-It-Yourself" brand management.

The seminar is led by Dr. Jean Wilcox, CEO of CattLeLogos. She is a former Corporate VP of Marketing and Brand Manager who understands what it takes to make your brand stand out from the herd!





It's unanimous. Our recent attendees have spoken:

The CattleLogos Method is the best system for building a business brand that I have seen. ... it is world class.

Clear - Concise - Interesting - Informative -- Great job!

I wish the seminar had gone on longer.

Call 215.732.1553
to arrange an in house seminar.