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CattLeLogos is a
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Business Enterprise


Its Benefits

CatLeLogos teaches you formal implementation of your brand. This improves how professional you appear to customers by developing a consistent look for desktop published presentations, newsletters, proposals et al. For example,

Equally important, you can add hours to your productivity by reducing the time spent creating company materials and put yourself back in front of your customers.

What Is It

Description: A collection of the tools, templates and training necessary for facilitating the internal branding process and improving your brand's appearance on the desktop.

Formal methods work integrates with the individual elements of Brand Plus, and
- identifies corporate process that impact ability to deliver on Brand Promise
- assesses your software tools and infrastructure for usability and completeness
- creates processes to monitor adherence to brand guidelines
- develops guidelines for template use

Purchase elements separately or together.
Target Audience: Small, medium, and large-sized companies who already have a basic business identity but want to integrate branding into their daily business.
Prerequisites: Brand Introduction and Brand Plus, or equivalent brand experience.
Elements: Branded Templates — Improve the look of desktop published presentations, newsletters, proposals et al, by creating a library of branded templates for your desktop applications.

Clip Art — Create your own unique, professional look, and enhance all your documents and presentation materials with a custom clip art library.

Writing Services — Need help creaing clear written materials or effective presentations? We write copy for any type of marketing or sales document as well as for the press and other media.

Seminars and Training — We offer a selection of brand awareness and brand implementation seminars designed to increase your brand awareness in a fun and informative way. One may be right for you.

Detailed Marketing Plans — Plan for your marketplace success with carefully thought out strategy and tactics, and follow through with the steps to turn those plans into action.

Marketing Collateral — Our network of designers, writers, and graphic suppliers can create any kind of collateral you need:
- Brochures
- Newsletter
- Invitations
- Custom Web Site Design
- Advertisements
- Posters
- Billboards
- Stand-Ups
- Packaging

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The CattLeLogos Difference

Brand management is more than creating your logo or launching a new marketing campaign. Many of branding's costs occur in maintaining — or repairing — the brand you already have. However, spending focuses on image and the creative process, often ignoring the impacts of people, processes and tools on maintaining your brand.

The CattLeLogos approach adresses what's most often ignored, formalizing the processes for communicating your brand platform and the methods for implementing it. We start by looking at the existing processes, tools and behaviors that impact how your brand is communicated and perceived. We finish by helping you re-create sound business processes, simple tools and consistent behaviors that maintain your brand image.