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Branding for Your Business Success: Interviews with Manny Nowak on 3 CD's

The Complete Branding Solution, Disks 1 and 2

A set of two CD's with an in-depth interview of our CEO, Dr. Jean Wilcox by Manny Nowak, founder of the Entrpeneur Toolbox. You will learn what every successful entrepreneur needs in order to take his/her business to the next level through smart branding practices.

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The CattLeLogos Method: Seven Steps to Building a Brand that Stands Our from the Herd, Disk 3

A discussion of the trademark CattLeLogos Method of brand development between our CEO, Dr. Jean Wilcox, and Manny Nowak, founder of The Entrepreneur Toolbox.

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AbuLLard's ABC's of Branding

A lighthearted way to learn about a serious business topic. We present the basic principles of good brand management with cartoons that illustrate the concepts in a memorable way.

"A book that should be on every executive's desk" says a former Sr. Executive at AT&T

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