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Hello and welcome to CattLeLogos Brand University!

At Brand U, we have one goal: to prepare your business for success by developing your brand IQ and improving your current marketing efforts. We work with you to understand the steps to creating a strong brand, and identify your existing brand strengths and weaknesses.

Brand U is a coeducational, exclusive college for the graduates of the School of Business Hard Knocks. Since its founding by former corporate executives and their bovine advisors in 2003, we have been educating outstanding students from all levels of business experience. Located in historic Philadelphia, Pa., with majors in branding and marketing, our program exposes our students to :

  • the ABCs of Branding — our branding fundamentals program
  • ongoing seminars and workshops including brand awareness, implementation and cultural impacts
  • branding study guides including tips and tricks, recommended readings and more
  • branding resources, including alumni publications such as CattLeLogos white papers
  • the vocabulary of branding
  • business effectiveness aids, and
  • our schedule of upcoming Brand U events

Feel free to explore the Brand U web site and learn a bit more about good branding. Or contact CattLeLogos at our Alumni Services Office to see how we can help.

Campus Spotlight

Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate.
Click Here

Our founders are frequent guests on Jim's radio show.
Search his archives for "Wilcox" or "Cameron" and you'll find our interviews.

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