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Our Senior Advisor and Teacher

AbuLLard has experienced the branding process throughout his professional career. He has a deep understanding of the pain everyone experiences when a brand image is imposed on an organization without the appropriate preparation. He believes that if the brand is introduced early, the organization is prepared properly, and the correct tools are used then the entire process can be made painless. He has agreed to act as an advisor to CattLeLogos, and to write an advice column. Read AbuLLard's Articles.

Our Reader, Trend Spotter, and Entrepreneur

HayLoise is a young entrepreneur starting her own business. She is following AbuLLard's advice in creating the brand for her company. Drs. J. and J. created a branding platform, branding tools, and simple to follow branding guidelines for her company. She was so pleased by the results that CattLeLogos was born. She is working with CattLeLogos to contribute her insights, and beta test our products. She has graciously agreed to capture her experience in her column HayLoise's Tips and Tricks.

Our Internet Expert
AudhumbLa is a wise old cow, experienced with traditional and new media. A recent addition to the CattLeLogos team, she has overseen the creation of new products and lines of business, and enjoys a history of success in business strategy and branding. AudhumbLa has agreed to share her personal experiences as a brand warrior to help companies understand how to protect and maintain their brand, increase their brand value, and to arm themselves for the competitive marketplace, particularly in the world of "e-marketing." Read AudhumbLa's Eye on the Internet.

G. BuLLoba
Our Strategic Marketing and Cultural Advisor

Dr. G. BuLLoba joined CattLeLogos when the company acquired Ginkgo Enterprises. He is a senior strategist who has deep experience in doing business internationally. He understands the issues that arise in working cross culturally, whether between different breeds and even between cows in the same herd. He has the ability to see the big picture and to communicate it clearly. His services help companies to evaluate where they are, determine where they want to go, and develop plans that will take them in the right direction. He's offers a number of Programs to facilitate between Cross CuLtural CoLLaboration.

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