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CattLeLogos has helped a variety of small and medium-sized businesses achieve their branding and strategic marketing goals. Find out who these clients are, and learn more about the specifics of how the CattLeLogos® Method™ was successfully used in the following case studies:

Case Study Type: Means
An emerging human capital company specializing in placing Executives in both Interim Assignments and Permanent Positions, they needed to develop a cost conscious communication strategy that would be effective in the marketplace and easy to implement �in house�.
Case Study Type: Total Brand for a Non-Profit Organization
A non-profit organization serving children with life-limiting illnesses, Circle of Life needed a brand that projected an image appropriate for a sensitive subject and a branding system that addressed issues of cost and usability.
Lawrence Associates Case Study Case Study Type: Image
A start-up consulting group selling executive level services to high tech companies, their homemade, �Do-It-Yourself� marketing materials eroded their credibility as a provider of "executive level" services.
Case Study Type: Vision
A start-up readying for investor reviews, MyGuide's current vision and business opportunity were not captured in writing, limiting the start-up�s ability to approach investors.
Case Study Type: Message
A start up software vendor looking to expand its security software sales, their current marketing materials were ineffective.
Case Study Type: Message
An established printing company selling premier banners and photographic output, their Customer communications focused on internal processes and technology, not customer benefits.
Case Study Type: Implementation
A mid-sized software company competing with larger corporations, Triveni needed to present itself to the marketplace as well-established and highly professional. However, glaring inconsistencies among existing marketing materials prevented this.

CattLeLogos has helped its clients with various aspects of creative design and Image development. Use the right-hand portfolio links to access the examples of our creative design work, including:
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