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CattLeLogos provides Branding and Strategic Marketing consulting to customers of all sizes. We can assist with business plan development and reviews, go-to-market strategies, tactical marketing plans, marketing program implementation, and of course, brand management.

In addition, we've optimized a set of predefined service offers for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-sized companies who are raising capital, looking to grow their business or who have a heavy technology component. These offers include training, branding "starter packages", due diligence and investor readiness, and our 1/2 day and day-long situation analyses.

Our founders, Dr. Jean K. Wilcox (Jean) and Dr. E. Jane Cameron (Jane), quickly realized they had a unique approach to marketing and branding — define process, engineer for people, and leverage technology to build brand awareness and consistency "from the inside out" rather than having your brand applied externally! When brand management is part of your company's DNA you can create brands and strategies that "stand out from the herd".

This approach led to our developing the CattLeLogos® Method™, a seven-step process for branding that begins with definition of the corporate vision and the creation of company's image and message platform, and carries those brand elements through implementation into evaluation and maintenance of the brand. In addition, the CattLeLogos Method takes into account implicit, often overlooked brand attributes — like reputation and tools and templates — as well as the explicit, more commonly tracked ones like ongoing PR and promotions.

Headquartered in Philadelphia and typically serving clients from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, CattLeLogos began operations in the Summer of 2002. We are a small business and Certified Women's Business Enterprise who can meet your Supplier Diversity criteria. As needed, we can work in partnership with suppliers of your choice or with any number of other independent professionals we already know.

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