BRAND AWARENESS - Making the abstract concepts of branding specific to your business

BRAND IMPLEMENTATION - Making Branding easy to implement


Developing your brand platform
Working sessions that enable senior management to distill key corporate objectives into a strong brand platform that aligns external messages with operational procedures. We assist you to evaluate your company, your products, your customers, and market trends to develop a conherent marketing communications plan.
Target Audience: Senior management interested in developing a strong brand platform both internally and externally.
Benefits: Clear consistent marketing messages understood and supported by the entire organization.

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Brand Management and Public Relations

A short seminar presents the relationship between a good brand and strong public relations. A strong brand is made up of easily recognized brand image and a clear brand message. Once these exist, it is easier to develop marketing materials and achieve publicity. Examples of how to develop a brand image and message are presented as well as techniques for achieving publicity on a limited budget. Examples of successful companies are also presented along with how their brand enhances their ability to publicize their products and services.
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Benefits: Identification of techniques to lower the cost of public relations.

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Introduction to Brand Management

A seminar introduces the importance of creating a clearly identifiable brand image and concisely articulating a brand message. The means needed to maintain the brand image and message throughout a company are also presented. The CattLeLogos Method – Image-Message-Means – together with the CattLeLogos Metrics form the basis of this course.
Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Benefits: Identification of brand strengths and weaknesses, as well as techniques to make it easy for everyone in the company to enhance the brand promise.

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AbuLLard’s ABC’s of Branding

An entertaining talk that discusses the importance of branding in language anyone can understand. This talk presents the substantive issues around branding by using the ABCs, i.e. for each letter in the alphabet a word and a cartoon are used to present a concept necessary to creating and maintaining a brand presence.
Target Audience: Anyone interested in Brand Management
Benefits: A memorable technique for assessing your brand presence.

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Implementing a Brand Platform at the Desktop

A seminar presents the power of using of templates for creating corporate materials. Examples are given to show how creating and using templates for programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word can enhance the brand image, and significantly lower the cost of producing high quality materials.
Target Audience: Anyone who creates presentations, documents, and marketing materials
Benefits: A means for eliminating hidden costs and enhancing your brand presence

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Professional Presentation Materials

This course focuses on creating the form and content for today’s business presentations. Today’s professionals need to quickly and clearly present themselves to a wide variety of audiences. While many have had in depth training in speaking, few have had any training in how to create the materials used in today’s business environment. Guidelines for what to include and how to present it, based on the target audience are the basis of this seminar.
Target Audience: Anyone who must design materials used in presentations.
Benefits: Materials that enhance your image and message.

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Playing MicroSoft PowerPoint like the Piano

This is an in depth course on how to effectively use Microsoft PowerPoint. The focus is the use of templates and associated techniques for quickly creating materials that can be easily modified and exchanged with others within a group. Methods and processes for maintaining the consistent look essential to brand image are also presented. The course emphasizes the underlying framework associated with Microsoft PowerPoint, which when understood enables the user to greatly enhance their productivity and the quality of the materials they produce.
Target Audience: Anyone who must use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation materials.
Benefits: Lowered frustration, increased productivity, and a more professional look to presentation materials.

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MicroSoft Word Wizardry

This is an in depth course on how to effectively use Microsoft Word. The focus is on the use of templates, styles, and formatting. The focus is on how to quickly create materials that have a consistent look that captures your business’s image. A word processing system like any software program has its own structure; understanding how to make it work for you will enhance your ability to quickly produce the materials you need.
Target Audience: Anyone who uses Microsoft Word to create documents used in their business.
Benefits: Lowered frustration, increased productivity, and a consistent, professional look to your correspondence and documents.

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