CattLeLogos - Strategic & Tactical Marketing and Brand Value Services CattLeLogos - Strategic & Tactical Marketing and Brand Value Services

CattLeLogos® Brand Management Systems

"Stand Out From the Herd"
Strategic Marketing and Brand Value Services

Marketplace Action through Informed Decision-Making.  CattLeLogos services include

  • Brand value generation, including brand fundamentals, development and implementation
  • Business case development, talking points and investor readiness
  • Business plan review, and development of market plans, sales strategy, and marketing communications tactic
  • Oversight and execution of marketing and communications programs, and staff mentoring
  • Pre-packaged offers of designs, training, tools and business process assistance to market your company, and build and manage your brand experience

Build Effective Marketing into your day-to-day business. 
Differentiate yourself from the competition. 
Stand Out from the Herd.
Create Brand Value.

Brand Value results from managing customer perception.  CattLeLogos can show you how.

Define and validate your Message, Image and Means of Implementation against actual business targets, and jumpstart any corporate changes needed for success.

Our trademarked CattLeLogos Method™© accelerates you through Brand Development into successful Brand Implementation and cost-effective Brand Management.

Branding, by its very nature is not optional.  If you do not position yourself in people's minds, they will do it for you.
...Peter Drucker, 2002

Strategic Marketing is the process of quantifying your business.  It's about putting numbers to and realizing business objectives. 

Integrate sales planning and branding with your marketing efforts.  Steer your PR, promotions and marketing communications. 

Infuse your business with a Corporate DNA that recognizes and responds to market priorities, and transform your marketing, sales and branding activities into a mission-critical program with tangible, realizable results.

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