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  • It All Starts with Vision
  • Cross Cultural Branding
  • Dealing with other cultures is a fact of life as business and information technology move us toward a global economy.

    It All Starts with Vision

    We often liken building a brand to building a house. You wouldn't start building a house without an architectural plan would you? or try to hang pictures before the plumbing and wiring were installed and the wall board was up? However, many people leap to the "decorating" stage when creating a marketing program. "I need a web site." "We need a brochure." We always ask, how do those things fit in your overall Brand Plan?

    A Brand Vision is your architectural drawing for your marketing process. It determines how you want to be perceived in the market. It�s captures business �personality� and the core values you build into your business.

    A Brand Vision is especially important for small companies that don�t have the resources to support a major brand awareness campaign. Small companies with a clear brand strategy that is supported by their business processes and communicated by everyone in their company can develop a strong brand presence. There are clear benefits to an articulated Brand Vision.

    1. You project clear and consistent messages in the market -- whether presentations, print media, or electronic communications and web site

    2. You eliminate extra resources required to support multiple brand messages

    3. You reduce the cost of design and productions of marketing materials since you don't redesign with every new ad, brochure or web page

    When you align your business processes with your brand visions, your entire organization can deliver on customer expectations. Failure to align your operations with your brand promise can render expenditures worthless. A pretty logo doesn�t make up for a rude receptionist.

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    Cross Cultural Branding

    We've talked a lot about the importance of knowing your audience. That means knowing what's important to them, how to talk to them, and how to make an emotional connection. However, what if your target audience is from another country, or in a foreign country? Will the same images and messages connect with them?

    Their are many differences between cultures. Some are obvious. Many more are very subtle. The obvious differences show up in the way people behave, what they wear, what they eat, holiday customs. However, most of these are influences by values, experience, and beliefs that have a profound influence on communication styles.

    Each person grows up within a unique cultural environment which is influenced by personal and family values, as well as local, state, national, and geographic factors. From this experience, each person develops a cultural mindset �a predisposition to see the world in a particular way. This mindset can be considered as software for the brain, forming the foundation of a person's way of viewing and interacting with the world. These factors are assimilated into a persons subconscious way of thinking and acting from a very early age.

    To learn more about cultural variables, click here. Better yet, schedule one of our Cross Cultural Workshops.

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