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Do-It-Yourself Graphic Design: HayLoise's Branding Tips


  • Keep It Simple � in today's busy world, simple stands out.
  • Line art is better. It's easier to reproduce regardless of the medium - paper, screen, fabric, vinyl.
  • Use few colors. Adding more colors adds to print complexity.
  • If you have two or more colors, don't let them touch (printing problems).
  • Make sure it will reproduce in black and white (newspaper ads, faxes, photocopies).
  • Don't expect your logo (or tag-line) to "explain" your business � think of them as accessories.


  • Pick 2 � a serif font for body text, a non-serif font for Headings. Use them consistently.
  • Pick 1 "display" font. Use it sparingly.
  • Write them down so you remember what they are.
  • Don't pepper your text with bold or ALL CAPITALS. They make things hard to read.
  • Avoid using too many "special" effects


  • Never change your logo color! But allow for black and white printing.
  • Minimize the number of colors you use. Pick a small set of accent colors that you use consistently: a primary accent color; a few others for highlight or emphasis.
  • Make sure the colors you use create the kind of impression you want to leave behind.


  • Use commercial "templates" and "clip art" judiciously � they are not Unique to your business.
  • Make sure that your documents and presentations are legible on whatever template you use.
  • Make sure clip art is relevant and not just something to put on the page.
  • Make sure you use a consistent style of clip art.
  • Chose clip arts with colors that are complementary to your "brand colors" or edit the artwork to be consistent.

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Here are some more detailed tips if you insist on doing your own design.

Make sure you follow good design principles or at least talk to someone who has design training.
-- HayLoise 

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