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Do-It-Yourself Type Selection: HayLoise's Branding Tips

Three "Rules of Type" Usage.

We liked the "19 Rules of Type" from Rob Carter's book so well, we thought we'd high light some of them here. Rules numbered 2, 6 and 16 all address similar issues about type size and style

    Rule #2:   Be mindful not to use too many different typefaces at any one time.

    Rule #6:  Avoid using too many different type sizes and weights at the same time.

    Rule #16: Emphasize elements within text with discretion and without disturbing the flow of reading.

Why follow these rules? Because, what's most important is that your readers can not only read what you've written but that they can comprehend it. Here's what can happens if you don't pay attention to those rules in an extreme case:

    When too many different typefaces are used, the page becomes difficult to read. A literal three ring circus, the reader is unable to determine what is and what is not important.

    Restraint in the number of sizes used leads to functional and attractive pages. Using many different sizes is distracting and hard to read. Again, it's hard to determine what is really important.

    If you get carried away using styles for emphasis i.e. italics, bold, or underlined, it reduces the impact of any one instance. Again ask yourself what is REALLY important.

Now of course there are times to "Break" the rules. But make sure that there is a good reason and that it will have the right effect on your reader.

Selecting font types seems simple nowadays. You can choose just about any face, color, size and effect.

But that variety of choice can be your biggest problems. When there's too much going on, you actually see very little.

-- HayLoise

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