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Vision - CattLeLogos® Method™: Step 1

Creating a new brand? Already have a brand, or several brands, and need to consolidate your efforts? Changing your name? Acquiring a new company and need to merge brand identifies?

A clearly articulated brand vision is a requirement for success. It guides internal corporate resources in the same direction and eliminates redundancy and confusion. It supports your external communications strategy in an integrated way by aligning internal business processes to deliver what your promise.

Particularly important for small and growing companies, a clear brand platform can enhance your image and give you a better position in the market, by managing how customers perceive you.

Not aligning your brand platform with your corporate strategy and business processes, can negatively impact your brand value. How?

  • Customer expectations about your company's identity and your products don't match what is actually delivered
  • The messages you put into the market -- whether print media or on your web site -- are conflicting and create confusion about who you are and what you do
  • Your internal staff doesn't understand how to make decisions consistent with the brand vision
  • Extra resources are required to support multiple brand messages and production of redundant materials

CattLeLogos provides services that:

  • Assist you to articulate your corporate vision
  • Create a image and identity that appeals to your target market
  • Provide training to communicate the brand vision internally
  • Deliver tools that make it easy for your people to adhere to brand standards, allowing them to focus on the content of their work rather than format
  • Create white papers and documents that give credibility to your position in the marketplace

CattLeLogos can help you create an integrated brand strategy or consolidate multiple brands to eliminate operating costs and market confusion.

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CattLeLogos Method
  • Vision
  • Image
  • Message
  • Means
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Maintenance

  • Getting to Brand Value
    A clear, well defined brand platform enables your external communications to be coherent expression of your business vision and strategy.

    Internally, your vision helps to guide corporate resources in the same direction and eliminate redundancy and confusion.


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