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A Philosophy of Branding and Strategy

CattLeLogos was founded on two key sets of principles regarding Brand Management and Strategic Marketing. These principles resulted in our proprietary approach to Brand Management, the CattLeLogos® Method™ and our Market Strategy offers.

The Principles of Brand Management

Branding, a.k.a., brand management, should be embraced and owned by every employee of a company, not just the marketing or graphics department.

  • Brand management should be a painless process.

  • Branding should have clear messages that are reinforced in all communications.

  • Brand management is something that should be easy for anyone in an organization to implement.

  • Branding should be an integral part of a company's process — no matter what size the company, a single person or a giant multinational corporation.

  • Your brand is a company value. If you know your company's values, you can manage its brand.

The Principles of Strategic Marketing

Marketing, and in particular Strategic Marketing, is more science than art. But even in artistic endeavors, process yields efficiency.

  • Strategic marketing requires data and analysis, not intuition.

  • Marketing can learn from manufacturing — creativity and design are separable from production and distribution.

  • Scientific method drives Market Strategy. Applying this method to separate creative process from business analysis results in well-defined objectives, clear tactics, and operational efficiencies.

  • Your company's market strategy and brand should be indivisible — a single, common measure of your company's success.

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