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CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems was born in April 2002, at what we have come to call "the creative table" at our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Every time we had dinner there, we came away with lots of creative ideas both for our clients and our own business. Months later we noticed that the building catty-cornered from the restaurant was painted in CattLeLogos colors. A sublimal message perhaps?

The name evolved from a series of conversations, both serious and silly, about "branding" as it related to cattle, and the pain of the typical corporate branding process. Having worked for companies that had gotten "burnt" in the branding process, the founders wanted to make the process more painless and more fun. So with a bit of irreverence, the company, CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems, was born. But don't get us wrong... we are absolutely serious about the importance of doing branding right.

We now work as a partnership in association with a number of other independent professionals who add depth to our product offerings. We also have a group of advisors who bring business expertise of all kinds to the enterprise. And we have created "docents" that help us illustrate the branding process in a light-hearted way.

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  • Bovine Providence

    One of our founders at age 5


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