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Experience & Talent: the CattLeLogos Difference

CattLeLogos' unique approach to branding and strategy differentiates us from most consultants and creative agencies. This difference, based on our experience and talent, makes our output valuable, high quality and memorable — and here's why:

  • As former corporate executives, our principals have real-world experience not only in preparing and presenting strategy, tactics and budget to senior executives but also in coaching others to do so effectively. They have won kudos from CEO�s and senior executives for their ability to design and present presentations that clearly address issues and trends important to their audience.

  • As both creative artists and technically trained MSs and PhDs, our principals work from both sides of the brain. We can be the pickiest people alive when it comes to making sure that color and design elements work together, and then use our technical training to develop a systematic approach to branding that builds brand awareness into a company�s business process.

  • Being mathematicians and scientists who worked in hi-tech, we have extensive experience in both the technology for and development of systems for information management, printing and graphics applications. This gives us an edge in understanding just how e-branding works, its benefits, and its limits.

  • We never forget the human element. Corporate success is serious business, but neither branding nor marketing strategy should be so serious that their pursuit is painful to the client. Because learning is effective when it's fun — our brand training uses humor to teach important concepts. Likewise, our business analysis hits home because we address not only the business and its numeric measures, but also the people involved.

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  • Fun Fact
    — Why the Cows?
    Having worked for companies that had gotten "burnt� by traditional branding processes, Jean and Jane wanted branding to be painless, useful, and more fun.

    So with a bit of irreverence, the company was named CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems — after all, who knows more about the pain of branding than cows.

    But as all of us at CattLeLogos say, �Don't get us wrong... we are absolutely serious about the importance of doing branding right.�

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