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The language of branding made simple � key concepts of branding brought to you by the experts at CattLeLogos.

Brand Assets Any tangible or intangible aspect of your brand that contributes value to your company. Brand Assets include things such as: trademarks, copyrights, brand guidelines, images, promotional materials, documents, good will, and customer loyalty.
Brand Awareness A collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer about a company and its products and services. (from
Brand Elements The individual graphic elements, fonts, and text that make up the logo and visual designs associated with the brand.
Brand Image The overall visual representation of the �Brand� created from the corporate logos, accent colors, graphical elements, and diagrams used in all the company�s materials.
Brand Loyalty Customer preference to buy products from or do business with a company that they know and trust.
Brand Means The methods by which you promote your company in the market, i.e. ads, presentations, web-site, brochures, etc.
Brand Messages A set of statements that clearly articulate your Brand Promise.
Brand Platform A set of guidelines that govern all aspects of a Brand: visual, semantic, perceptual, and implementation. It includes the Brand Promise, the Brand Image, the Brand Messages, the Brand Means, the Brand Positioning, and the Brand Strategy.
Brand Positioning An attempt to influence the public's perception of your product or service as it relates to competitive products.
Brand Promise The promise that you make to your customer that defines their expectations for all interactions with your products, services and company.
Brand Strategy A plan for how you are going to establish, promote, and maintain Brand Awareness and build customer Brand Loyalty.


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