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Brand Management Basics

CattLeLogos Branding FAQ
Our Brand U alumni at CattLeLogos provide some of the basics of good brand management.

Brand Management for Entreprenuers (.pdf) —
Entrepreneurs need good brand management just as much as established companies. First impressions are important � for both you and your company.

Brand Management for Small Companies (.pdf) —
Small companies need good brand management for much more than products. They need to establish a market position.

Top Ten Myths About Branding (.pdf) —
Come with us as we debunk ten of the top myths about branding from "Branding is Only a Logo" to "My Kid Can Design our Logo and Build our Web Site".

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Advanced Brand Management

Brand Management Platform Saves Time (.pdf) —
Learn how branding templates impact the bottom line in this success story of one small business.

Building your Brand into your Corporate DNA (.pdf) —
Strong business processes enable implementation of brand values by all company employees. These processes are your "Corporate DNA" and their genetic code is captured in the Brand Platform.

Brand Management for Small Companies 2 (.pdf) —
Small companies need a clear action plan for what they want their brand to stand for, how to implement the business processes to support it, and how to communicate it and the importance of good brand management.

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The ABC�s of Small Business Marketing

A nine-part article series on branding developed in conjunction with �The Business Owner� newsletter, this series on branding provides basic business management information and know-how to owners of small and mid-size private businesses.

Marketing Mayhem (.pdf) —
Customers today have an overwhelming number of choices. How do they cope? They buy the familiar. More accurately, they buy the one they trust. You must get customers to like you and trust you. How do you do this? It rarely occurs by chance.

Brand Vision (.pdf) —
People have choices about from whom to buy. Who do they choose? They make a guess � based on their instinct, beliefs and/or impressions. They purchase, that is, largely on our �brand�.

Logo and Look (.pdf) —
Your logo is an important part of your image building or �branding� campaign. Among your many branding efforts, it is important � just as it everything you do, say, print and display.

Tag Lines and Copy (.pdf) —
Your brand message is the set of words that you use to communicate key things to remember about your company and its products or services. All your communications should convey these same messages.

Guerilla Marketing (.pdf)
How do you create a marketing mix that reaches your target market and increases revenue? Explore the six steps needed to select the marketing activities or "means" with maximum payload, beginning with identifying where you are and where you need to be.

Quality Control (.pdf)
A strong brand presence is not enough. You must deliver your brand promises in all customer encounters. This means all employees, shareholders, and partners must know what the company stands for as well as how to represent it in the marketplace.

Monitoring and Feedback Enables Continuous Improvement (.pdf)
Measuring results and reviewing feedback is often overlooked beyond the immediate need, but can be strategically used to improve sales effectiveness and understanding of your customers.

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Business Management

The Yin and Yang of Leadership (.pdf) —
traits of great leaders, (mis)communications and team dynamics.

Windows or Linux (.pdf)
IT managers need to reduce budgets. How well does Linux compare with Windows economically when all of the costs of migrating, operating and maintaining each platform under real-world conditions are considered?

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