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Service Offers for Small Businesses

Whether you are an independent consultant or a small business with a staff, you need the basics of branding, marketing and business strategy to be successful. Starting up and growing a small business requires requires specialty skills that are more economical when outsourced. These can include:

  • assessing where your business is today — the impartial review of a third party really does help
  • coaching on both how to look professional and being complete and accurate when presenting to potential investors
  • getting to the bottom line in your marketing messages — what are you really trying to say and is it beleivable?
  • analyzing your marketing and sales plans to see if they are realistic, affordable, and really what you need
  • evaluating any professional reputation you already have against your objectives for how others perceive you
  • marketing on a budget
  • understanding behaviors of specific clienteles and how to sell into them
  • recommending, implementing and measuring the steps to improve your reputation and brand in the market

CattLeLogos offers small businesses a "pay as you go" approach to staffing these skill sets and meeting their business needs. More importantly, CattLeLogos' client experience means we can make small businesses look as professional as a big company at a price a small business can afford. In addition, the consultants at CattLeLogos have deep experience in large, hi-tech corporations. We leverage this experience to benefit our clients.

As a result, the CattLeLogos service portfolio includes five predefined service offers that address some of the most common business and marketing needs of small businesses. These include.

  • getting your business ready for investment (and investors!)
  • translating technology "whiz bang" into business value as you go to market
  • creating a professional brand that "stands out from the herd"
  • preparing to sell to large companies
  • cost-conscious marketing and branding for the independent consultant
We also have a sixth offer, due diligence, tailored to the needs of companies assessing new technology and its innovators.

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