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Market Strategy Consulting: CattLeLogos Services

Successfully implement your business plan, product plans, and company brand. Build a clear road map of where you want to go, assess the resources you have, and determine what you need to achieve your goals.

CattLeLogos services support you from the up front analysis phase through the implementation of marketing programs and communication plans.

Situation Analysis

Find out what you're doing well and what else can be done. Spend a day with CattLeLogos analyzing your business. Begin to:

  • Clarify company priorities and business approach.
  • Define and quantify target markets.
  • Develop product positioning strategies.
  • Prioritize product development.
  • Direct market research and potential channel analysis.
The insights and information we collect take the first step to an effective marketing strategy and a marketing program suited to your business priorities and your budget.

Business Plans and Market Readiness Support

Assess your market-readiness — i.e., are you ready to approach the market, and is the marketplace ready for you?

  • Align your business model and profit model with your customers' spending priorities and budget cycles.
  • Verify the information you have on customers, competitors, and other players in your market.
  • Structure needed partnerships and alliances.
  • Pinpoint your success factors amongst people, processes, and technology.
  • Identify the inputs for effective tactical marketing programs.
CattLeLogos analysis focuses you on all aspects of your business, not just your products.

Go-to-Market Tactical Marketing

Put your marketing dollars where they do the most good. Learn how to grab your customers' attention.

  • Create a brand worth talking about.
  • Talk about customer needs and benefits — instead of what exites you.
  • Match your tactics to your customers' behavior.
  • Carefully manage the interplay between Marketing and Sales.
  • Leverage tools and training within your company to make your tactics and salespeople successful.
  • Learn how to respond appropriately to customer contacts.
Design a program that addresses what you need to succeed, including your Brand Image, your Message Platform, and your Means of going to the market.

Strategy to Implementation Programs

Take your market strategy and your tactical plans, and make them happen. Implement both internally and externally to meet sales goals profitably.

  • Build market awareness and capture customers externally.
  • Contain costs internally.
  • Capture what drives internal and external marketing success.
  • Actively measure your progress in the marketplace and refine your tactics accordingly.

Internal External
Training PR
Templates Web Sites
Process Brochures, Flyers, et al
Scripts Newsletters
Presentations Direct Mail Programs
Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards
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Market Strategy
Strategic Consulting Overview
  • Situation Analysis
  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Tactical Marketing
  • Strategy to Implementation

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