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Stronger market awareness of your products and services. Consistency in all forms of customer interaction. Branding as a business' core value.

Set the stage for better brand value and success in planning and implementing your marketing programs.

What It Is

Description A collection of the tools, coaching, methods and procedures to integrate brand value and strategic marketing into your internal and external business processes.

Elements can include: in-depth situation analysis, strategic and action plan development, an expanded CattLeLogos Method, cultural/environmental assessments, brand value programs, and marketing program oversight.

Actual project work is developed in response to customers' specific needs. Priced accordingly; pricing is provided in formal proposals.
Target Audience Small, medium, and large-sized companies who expect a successful brand, successful market launches, and demand efficiency in their support.
Prerequisites Experience with a computer/word processor (e.g., comfortable using Word), and Basic Brand or equivalent brand experience.
Elements In-Depth Situation Analysis: a mix of analysis and consulting designed to:
- Consider brand position, assets, liabilities and opportunities
- Articulate company vision, priorities and approach to business clearly
- Define target markets and identify customer and stakeholder expectations
- Understand your position, your differentiators, and the competition.
- See how company values like quality of work and lifestyle impact your success.

The CattLeLogos® Method: market strategy planning and implementation.
- Create an action plan for your Vision, Image and Message
- Identify the Means to reach customers and stakeholders
- Support your market outreach from market plans to PR
- Implement your marketing program from research to launch

Environmental Variables: an evaluation of how well your workplace supports or hinders your brand and business goals, followed up by recommended improvements. Recommendations can cover:
- Employee coaching and training
- Meeting engineering
- Internal communications programs
- Detailed brand guidelines: Standard templates and clip art libraries
- Process changes and formal methods

Brand Value: the creation of positive customer experience. Build and sustain your new brand-centric corporate DNA by changing behavior and implementing the tools, methods, and procedures identified in earlier analyses. Then leverage it as you go to market.


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  • Did You Know?

    With Internet blogs and chat rooms, information is spread almost instantaneously today. Both the good and bad about a company/product and one's experience with it are shared among millions of people. A single horrible customer experience can have a far-reaching effect.

    It's not so much "What you do" that creates your customer's brand experience, but "How you do it," and "How it is perceived".

    While others marketing firms focus on just "making a splash", CattLeLogos delivers a package of designs, training, tools, and business processes that help you build and manage brand value as you define and implement your marketing programs.


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