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Project a "big company's" professionalism on a small company budget with a well-defined vision, clearer messages, and an image that is consistently applied. CattLeLogos and you rework your vision, image and messages, and create just enough means to bring your business to market efficiently.

What It Is

Description The key to building and managing a successful brand.

Elements include: business identity package, basic message platform, basic web site, and tactical marketing recommendations.

Purchase elements separately or together.
Target Audience Small and medium-sized companies starting a new business, or wanting to develop a more consistent brand identity and clearer messages.
Prerequisites A clear understanding of your business goals.
Elements Business Identity Package: logo, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and a simple document template (Word, WordPerfect, or StarOffice 8).

Basic Collateral:
business overview tri-fold.

Basic Message Platform:
a set of clear, consistent messages that capture the essence of your business and differentiate you from the �herd�.

Basic Web Site:
a turnkey package with a professional domain name, e-mail accounts and a basic 5 to 8 page web site.

Tactical Marketing Recommendations:
an action plan for your marketing outreach activities.

Cow Tip

Consider an introductory, stand-alone situation analysis (strategy session) before any branding initiatives to align your brand with your business objectives.


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  • Did You Know?

    By applying an executive point of view to your communication style and content, and engineering methods to your communication process, you create the tools to develop and manage your brand in a reusable, cost-efficient way.


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