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Business Planning and Market Readiness: CattLeLogos Services

Determine just how well your business model works, and use it to frame your business plan. Answer:

  • How are other businesses like mine making their money?
  • Are my business forecasts believable or are they a "have faith" argument?
  • Can sales targets actually be achieved based on estimated sales cycles and staffing?
  • Are the critical benefits and differentiators of my business easily understood?
  • Are the risks to my business success outlined? Is my response to those risks reasonable?
  • Are my business arrangements articulated clearly?
  • Has my business or management team demonstrated any track record of success?
  • Am I crystal clear as to how my investors get paid? Have I communicated this to them?

CattLeLogos consultants have experience presenting budgets, product roll-out strategies, and business plans to senior management and investors. We've assisted start-ups and small businesses secure funding by improving the quality of their business plans and presentations. We take a hard look at your business, and perform a critical review of your presentations and business materials. In preparing you for the marketplace, we:

  • Assess your plans for positioning technology and products.
  • Align your message platform to customer need.
  • Draft customer account plans, reseaching and profiling key customers as needed.
  • Create draft budgets for your marketing launches.
  • Clarify how existing business processes impact your strategy and sales goals.
  • Define the implementation of your partner strategies.
  • Prepare you for investor presentations.
  • Conduct informal due diligence reviews.
Together we can validate the accuracy of your business plan, including any assumptions for:
  • Your products and technology.
  • Staffing and organizational structure.
  • Revenue targets and sales channels.
  • Competition and market share.
  • Customers and willingness-to-pay.
  • Company reputation and brand.
  • Marketing and communications.
  • Customer expectations for service and support.
  • Budgets and financing.

Contact CattLeLogos today to find out how we can meet your individualied market readiness needs.

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