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Situation Analysis: CattLeLogos Services

Find out what you're doing well and what else can be done with your current business strategy, marketing approach, and brand materials:

  • Clarify company priorities and business approach
  • Define and quantify target markets
  • Develop product positioning strategies
  • Prioritize product development
  • Direct market research and potential channel analysis
Description A facilitator-led session that focuses on the issues impacting your business success.
Target Audience Decision-makers in your company affected by the marketing and sales issues addressed.
Prerequisites None.
Options In-Depth Strategy Session: Identify your critical business issues, articulate what traits you want customers associating with you, and prioritize marketing your goals. Just one of these sessions can kick start a more effective marketing program.

Mini Strategy Session: Discover what is and is not currently impacting your business success. In this stripped down version of our in-depth session, we review your existing marketing plans and sales materials, summarize where your business is today, and recommend improvements.

Situation analyses range from 2 to 3 hour meetings to full day sessions.

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Customer Comments
�The CattLeLogos situation analysis resulted in a clear message about who we were and how we could differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. This enabled us to focus our marketing efforts with a minimum of extra investment.�

� Craig Tinkelman, COO,
Quaker Chroma Imaging

Market Strategy
Strategy Consulting Overview
  • Situation Analysis
  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Tactical Marketing
  • Strategy to Implementation

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