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CattLeLogos Style of Work: Client Testimonials

B. Emerson, CEO,
Emerson Personnel Group
CattLeLogos did not tell us what we had to do, but rather worked with us to discover a plan that was best suited for all parties. We feel more comfortable now with who we are and what we represent than we ever have.
David Perkins,
The Business Owner
The CattLeLogos team possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in the high value area of branding, and they've been willing to unselfishly share it with our subscribers ... in plain English! They actually want to share knowledge, teach and add value. These are my kind of people.
Ben Martindale, CEO,
Plethora Technology
Our discussions with CattLeLogos were very valuable. We learned how to refocus our message on the benefits of our technology to our customers rather than the details of how we build our product. The result is a collection of compelling stories that address current customer needs. We are impressed with the results. Now Customers quickly understand the value of our product.

Janel Still, General Manager,
H&S; Cleaning Services Inc.

Working with the staff from CattLelogos was great! They are very professional, resourceful and patient. Their suggestions were usable and the end product is outstanding.
Don Thompson,
former CEO,
Hunt Manufacturing Corp.
The business analysis performed by [CattLeLogo�s CEO] Jean Wilcox was the best piece of work I�ve seen in the company. It was thorough, addressed a wide variety of critical issues, and laid the foundation for a sound investment.
Michael Lawrence,
Traffic Power
After hearing you interviewed by Jim Blasingame on his national small business radio show I was truly impressed by your expertise in business branding. Having owned 3 businesses myself I wish I had known of your service before I dived into my first enterprise 23 years ago. If and when I do another start-up you will be one of the first people I call. Thank you for providing such a service.
Gary Cohen,
Make Things Happen Marketing
I enjoyed the review of your professional approach to customers, consulting and branding. It certainly heightened my respect for all that you do.
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