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Maintenance - CattLeLogos® Method™: Step 7

It's not enough have a well-defined Brand Platform that clearly articulates its brand vision. You is must deliver what your brand promises in all customer encounters. This means all employees, shareholders, and partners must know what the company stands for as well as how to represent it in the marketplace. Providing training and incorporating the principles of your Brand Platform into your business process enables you align your corporate resources with your Brand Vision.

The CattLeLogos approach to maintaining brand value has four aspects.

Identify Key Brand Agents

    The CEO or owner defines the �outside� of the organization, i.e. the �brand.� However, everyone in your company that interfaces with customers, suppliers, partners, or competitors has the responsibility to deliver an experience that satisfies the Brand Promise.

Provide Training

    Management needs to make the time to implement training programs to ensure that everyone in the company understands what the brand stands for, how their behavior can impact it, and how to implement it. Our training emphasizes the experiential aspects of a customer�s interaction with your company. Everyone�s behavior needs to be compatible with the core values.

Develop Appropriate Scripts

    To insure a consistent message is delivered, we assist you to develop scripts for both incoming and outgoing telemarketing and to develop a system for customer support personnel to log customer complaints and comments. This enables you to systematically address issues that are raised.

Create �Branded� Templates for Use on the Desktop

    CattLeLogos creates high quality, easy to use templates that represent your brand image in a professional manner. In addition to improving the overall look and consistency of your materials, sharing templates among employees saves significant amounts of time in creating them. Documents, graphics, and presentations created by one person can easily be used by someone else without the need to retype or reformat

CattLeLogos Method
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  • Getting to Brand Value
    A clear, well defined brand platform enables your external communications to be coherent expression of your business strategy.

    Internally it helps to guide corporate resources in the same direction and eliminate redundancy and confusion.


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