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Wish They All Could Be CattLeLogos Brands: Study Guide

AbuLLard was sitting on a beach one day and couldn't help but notice all the branded merchandise — food items, chairs, coolers, shirts, sports equipment, just to name a few. And as he listened to the music of the Beach BuLLs in the background he hummed to himself, "Wish they all could be CattLeLogos Brands."

And he began to think about all those really popular brands and about how they became household names, and how they stayed that way. Being a buLL that likes lists of things, and catchy ways of remembering things, he thought "Hmm. They are all "CattLeLogos" brands when you look at what each of the letters of CattLeLogos stands for.

C Consistent they have used common elements, colors, and themes in all their marketing so they are immediately recognizable
A Appropriate they understand their target market and appeal to their sensibilities
T Total they know that a brand is a combination of everything a company does, not just its image, but its messages and behavior as well
T Touchable they are aware of all the "touch points" between their company and their customers and have a business process that responds to customer input
L Legends they have a history that includes legendary figures, events, or products;
E Easy to Remember they have simple graphics and clear messages that are easy for people to remember and to repeat;
L Lovable they have created a strong bond with customers and become "Love Marks"
O Ownership they have taken ownership of their brand, protected it from infringement, copying or vandalism
G Grateful they are grateful to loyal customers and reward them
O Outstanding they have produced outstanding products or services that stand the test of time
S Stories they have wonderful stories to tell about the history of the brand and customer experiences

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