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AudhumbLa's Favorite Things: Web Site Study Guide

While they are not raindrop on roses or whiskers on kittens... these are a few of Audy's favorite things to find on web sites:
Message Consistency because a customer shouldn't need to guess at which message you REALLY mean
Message Clarity because my time is precious, and someone who can't explain himself doesn't deserve my attention
because when I'm looking for information, I'm looking for the whole story
because it builds credibility and makes me more likely to trust the company
Legible Fonts because I don't want to develop eyestrain trying to read text that's either way too small or has too little contrast against the background
White Space because when things get too cluttered it's too hard to find what I'm looking for
Good Design because I don't need to be overwhelmed with Neon Colors
...and a few thing she's glad NOT to find on a web site:
Neon Colors because I want to look at the page, and not be blinded by it.
Blinking, Twirling,
Scrolling Images
because most of them are distracting and add no real value to the page
Flash Intros because most of them take too much time to view and I, like most people today, am always in a hurry 



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