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The Twelve Steps to Brand Recovery: Brand U Study Guide

Has your Brand gotten totally out of control? Is everyone doing there own thing on the desktop? Want to try to establish a clear, positive brand image? Follow CattLeLogos' 12 Step Program for Brand Recovery.

Step 1 Admit that we are powerless to stop people desktop publishing.
Step 2 Come to believe that a distributed brand strategy could restore us to sanity.
Step 3 Make a decision to implement the CattLeLogos® Method™.
Step 4 Make a fearless inventory of our brand vision, images, messages, and implementations.
Step 5 Figure out where we had gone wrong.
Step 6 Decide it is time to clean up our act.
Step 7 Ask CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems for help.
Step 8 Make a list of all the things we need in our brand management process.
Step 9 Develop the templates and tools to implement our strategy.
Step 10 Continue to monitor our processes.
Step 11 Train and communicate to maintain our brand image and deliver on our brand promise.
Step 12 Having had success managing our brand with CattLeLogos, carry their message to all our associates.

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