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The Twelve Days of Branding: Brand U Study Guide

No matter what season it is AbuLLard wants to remind you of CattLeLogos Twelve Days of Branding... a surefire way to create an Appropriate, Believable and Consistent brand image.
On the first day: A Vision for your company

Make sure there is one unifying vision for your company -- in everything you say and do

On the second day: Two Types of Image

The visual components of your Brand Identity: logo, web site, marketing materials are one aspect of your "image." How people perceive you through your looks, words and behavior is the other.

On the third day: Three key Messages

Distill your message down to three key points that are Relevant for your target market. Don't try to tell people "everything" all the time. People remember things that are clear and concise.

On the fourth day: Four Means to Market

Four things to focus on that will improve your marketing effectiveness: (1) the right channel to the market, (2) business processes  that enable you deliver what you promise; (3) software tools and infrastructure that support the process; and (4) monitoring and evaluation of your efforts on an ongoing basis.

On the fifth day: Five Steps to Value

Vision, Image, Message, Means, and Consistent Implementation. It all needs to work together!

On the sixth day: Beware the Clip Art Trap

Avoid the tired, overused images (e.g. the puzzle, handshake, target, bag of cash, etc). Find a clip art package with style or create your own.

On the seventh day: Seven Brand Metrics

Seven questions to use to rate your brand: Do you have a brand vision? What does you brand look like, in all it's forms? What does it convey - implicitly and explicitly? How well do your messages convey your intent? How easy is it to use? Is it built in to your business process? Will it stand the test of time?

On the eighth day: Eight Color Choices

In addition to your primary logo colors choose a limited palette of colors (no more than 8!) and use them consistently. This will help establish a "look" that will make your materials memorable.

On the ninth day: Nine Different fonts...

NO! not all at once! But try something other than Arial and Times Roman! Use Tahoma, Verdana, Maindra, Trebuchet, or Gill Sans for your non-serif font; Baskerville Old Face, Garamond, Georgia or Poor Richard for your serif font. They will differentiate you from all the other documents out there that use the "default" fonts. You will stand out from the herd.

On the tenth day: Ten 10 Web page traps to Avoid

1. Animation. 2. Too Much Scrolling. 3. Long, Text-Heavy and Blocky Paragraphs of Unbroken Text. 4. No Obvious Ways to Contact the Company. 5. Unchanging or Out-of-Date Content. 6. Long Page Downloads. 7. 'Me, Me, Me!' Instead of 'You, You, You'. 8. Non-Explanatory Buttons or Links. 9. Inconsistent Navigation. 10. Inconsistent Look and Feel

On the eleventh day: Eleven Extra templates

Develop a consistent style for all types of documents: Proposals, Newsletters, Faxes, Forms, Presentations, Address Labels, Flyers, Simple brochures, Data Sheets, Reports, Manuals. It will make everything you do easy to recognize as yours! Back to the memorable concept!

On the twelfth day: Remember these Twelve Steps of Branding and when you have success managing your brand with the CattLeLogos Method, convey the message to all your associates.

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