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Y is for Yin-Yang: AbuLLard's ABCs of Branding

The Leadership Tango

One person leads � but the other person must be aware of the basics of the dance. They must understand the rhythm of the music and the meaning of the dance.

The leader has the vision but he has to make sure that he shares that vision with the rest of the team. The following quote from the Harvard Business Review Case Study on the J. Peterman Company sums up what happens if you don't:

"All the thinking about the brand, the niche, the target market -- it was intuitive for a very long time. I wish now that we'd written down our ideas, our concept - in detail - at the start. ... Failing to make sure that everyone knows what you stand for and why -- that can come right back and ambush you much sooner than you realize.

The partner (your team) must know what kind of steps to expect.

Even though one person leads,  it�s really a partnership. Each dancer must respect the others space and be aware of subtle signals that lead to a change of direction ...

In business there will always be challenges. You have to learn how to meet them  by adapting, adjusting, and re-prioritizing.

Most of all the �partner� has to learn to trust the leader� especially when it comes to the lifts and dips!

Today people are talking about "resonant leadership" -- Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee who wrote Resonant Leadership published by the Harvard Business School Press say that leaders can amplify their effectiveness by "resonating" with their team. This means blending "financial, human, intellectual, environmental, and social capital into a potent recipe for effective performance in organizations." In other words, in addition to being great to work with, they get results.

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Read AbuLLard's ABC's
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