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Seven Rules of Networking: Brand U Study Guide

The most important lesson we learned about effective networking is that it's not about walking out the door with orders in your pocket. It's about making connections that will develop into a wide reaching referral network. It's all about establishing relationships with the people in the groups where you network. In order to do that there are a few simple rules:

1. Show Up.
You don�t need to attend every meeting of every group, but you need to be a familiar face.

2. Brand Yourself.
Do something or wear something so that people will remember you or have a reason to talk to you... For example: "What kind of cow pin are you wearing today?"

3. You Have Two Ears and One Mouth.
Use them in that proportion. Ask questions of others and listen to what they have to say before you start pushing your products. Small talk is sometimes "big" talk ... it's the oil the makes the relationship run smoothly. And "smart" talk, having something valuable or insightful to say, brands you as somebody who should be noticed.

4. Follow Up.
Stay in touch with your contacts even when you need nothing from them!

5. Talk to Everybody.
You never know where business is going to come from. And it's not just who you know, it's who knows you. If people know who you are and what you do, they can tell other people about you.

6. Be Generous with Referrals.
Put people you know together who could potentially work together. If you see a fit, facilitate the meeting of the parties. Talk to potential competitors. Some of our strategic allies once considered us competitors. We realized that delivering the best product for our clients meant cooperation and leveraging our respective strengths.

7. Most Importantly -- Make It Personal.
Be yourself. Be authentic. Have fun.

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