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T is for Timeless: Abullard's ABCs of Branding

Good brands are timeless; they shouldn't become dated as time marches on.

Messages are another matter. There are often specific to the occassion or set of circumstances. How happy am I receiving a birthday call from my calves that's 3 weeks late? Hint - not very happy. Words frequently have a meaning that's a function of time. And those that do are meant to fade away.

However, this is changing. Technology makes all words and their message platforms timeless � what was said years ago can be as accessible and real as what you say today.

It used to be that messages � or more appropriately, the channel that conveyed those messages and the memory that held the message � were finite. After a reasonable time period, old messages were no longer carried or remembered. It was easy to update and evolve your messages, or correct a past mistake without looking confused or indecisive. Past message platforms were inaccessible; they were eventually forgotten.

This is how our parents thought, and how some of us still think today. Alas, this is no longer true � past messages don't fade away � they just get archived to be retrieved at the touch of a keystroke.

It's the Internet, in particular the Web, that has changed the world of message platforms. Not only are your past message accessible, but they can be accessed in full details and placed side-by-side with current message platforms.

Priority is no longer given to what's new. In cyberspace, "memory is cheap" and old messages can be just as prevalent as new ones. You don't believe this? Think about your favorite Hollywood sex scandal or favorite politician's latest campaign � chances are you can retrieve however much old information there is about your target, no matter how old.

And this is true for your business as well � once a message is communicated, it's there, on-line, in perpetuity. It's zero tolerance for past mistakes � you need to be consistent in what you say right from the start. Now that's a scary thought, especially if you're not well-rehearsed in what you say. 

If you need help doing this, contact AbuLLard. He'll be gald to help!

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