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The CSC Group is a company comprised of a network of training and development professionals, type practitioners and organizational consultants who are dedicated to fostering human growth and development in the workplace. The CSC Group provides the structure and a common vocabulary for people to understand and talk about different styles, and how and in which business situation each style contributes to the good of the whole. 

CattLeLogos developed a basic brand package for the CSC Group including a number of document and presentation templates. By incorporating our basic branding principles of "Appropriate, Believable and Consistent" the CSC Group now projects an very professional image on a par with that of much larger organizations.

The most usual work we did for the CSC Group though was the creation of a group of eight different caricatures, each of whom represented a particular personality type found in the MBTI. By using these characters, the CSC group illustrates the different types of communications styles in a way that really gets the message across.

�Our package and approach to clients is so professional that our client list now includes several Fortune 500 companies.�

C.J. Stengel, President, The CSC Group

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  • Applied Isotope Technologies
  • Ashton Tweed
  • Bridgekeeper
  • Candy Apple Design
  • Cellular Genetix
  • Circle of Life
  • Falzone & Associates
  • H & S Cleaning
  • Jobecca Technology Group
  • Levandowski & Darpino
  • Mindful Body Studio
  • NetworkZing
  • the Artilia Foundation
  • the CSC Group

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