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Ashton Tweed

Ashton Tweed is an executive search firm that provides companies with immediate access to senior-level talent whether for interim or permanent placements. The founder, Jim RUdman, was looking for a classic professional look, but also wanted a flexible system that he could use in house to create his own documents, white papers, and presentations. We developed a complete identity system for him including templates for documents and presentations.


After establishing the business, Ashton Tweed asked us to help him develop an electronic newsletter that high-lights interviews with both interim executives and companies that employ them. And as the business continued to grow, we helped Ashton Tweed develop a "sub-brand" for their Life Science Practice including a position paper and conceptual graphic, that while different from their basic brand, was still consistent with the image they wanted to project.


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  • Applied Isotope Technologies
  • Ashton Tweed
  • Bridgekeeper
  • Candy Apple Design
  • Cellular Genetix
  • Circle of Life
  • Falzone & Associates
  • H & S Cleaning
  • Jobecca Technology Group
  • Levandowski & Darpino
  • Mindful Body Studio
  • NetworkZing
  • the Artilia Foundation
  • the CSC Group

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