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Circle of Life

Circle of Life is a new non-profit organization centered in New Jersey. They provide much needed pediatric palliative and hospice care in the Tri-state area.

Circle of Life needed a branding system that would be simple to use, i.e. could be used by non-experts. Holding costs down in the creation of all materials was also a major concern. The logo needed to appeal to adults, teenagers, and children. But, by far the most difficult consideration was the message: how did we create a logo that captured the notions of ‘hope’ and ‘caring’ when dealing with such a difficult subject?

CattLeLogos sat down with the Executive Director, Norma Millison, and looked at numerous logos for a variety of organizations that were similar in nature --Hospitals, Charities, Hospice Care, Pharmaceuticals, etc. We all agreed -- we needed a simple symbol that projected emotion, and letters that captured a child’s hopeful tone or style.


“Our fund-raising is doing very well,
we attribute much of this to the professional look of our materials.”

Jeff Brunin, Board Member,
Circle of Life

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