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Mindful Body Studio

Coach Annie Stone came to us with a vision for her business -- a unique approach to weight control that eliminates the need for "dieting" in the conventional way. 

We started with ideas that incorporated lots of the elements she loved -- birds, butterflies, people, hearts -- and migrated to a simple integration of image and text. And to keep the cost of printing low, we stayed with two colors -- a single, gradated blue in the logo and with black text on her cards and letterhead.

�Everyone comments about how well my materials express the personality of my business.�

Annie Stone, Owner
Mindful Body Studio

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  • Applied Isotope Technologies
  • Ashton Tweed
  • Bridgekeeper
  • Candy Apple Design
  • Cellular Genetix
  • Circle of Life
  • Falzone & Associates
  • H & S Cleaning
  • Jobecca Technology Group
  • Levandowski & Darpino
  • Mindful Body Studio
  • NetworkZing
  • the Artilia Foundation
  • the CSC Group

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