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Liza Sandford of Candy Apple Design creates really elegant websites. Her designs meet the client's specific business, financial and aesthetic goals in a way that makes them really stand out. In addition, she is a very talented artist in traditional media.

How daunting... to be given the task of designing a Brand Identity for a very talented artist! But being a proverbial "Bull in a Design Shop" we charged ahead. We reviewed Liza's work, talked with her about her own particular taste, and then came up with a number of design concepts for her to consider.

It was a fun process because she had very definite likes and dislikes and could clearly articulate how to adjust the concepts we presented her with. Best yet, she was incredibly enthusiastic when we started getting close to the final version.

We did point out to her that the reddish swoosh on the teal background might drive up the cost of printing. It was one of those "Yin-Yang" trade-offs we talk about. It cost a little more to print but because the design really did capture the spirit of her work, she decided it was worth it.


�I love it! I love it! I love it! You have managed to create a design that really expresses me. It captures the essence of my work! I'm already getting very positive feedback on my new look. Thank you so much!�

Liza Sandford

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