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CattLeLogos Seminars: Client Testimonials

Qaadira Allen, President,
Discovery Playshops
Your presentation on branding your business was so timely for me and the worksheet was an excellent tool for going from the abstract to the specific.
Kristi M. Howell, Ikeda, President,
Burlington County Chamber
of Commerce
Thank you for speaking at the General Membership Luncheon Meeting. I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on your presentation.
Dr. K. Mark Weaver,
Executive Director,
Oh behalf of Entrepreneurs Forum of Southern New Jersey, I thank you for taking time to speak at our meeting. Your presentation was informative, enlightening and contributed to the success of the event.
Judy Stevens, President,
Mica Hill Associates, Inc. and PBN Programs Committee
You did a great job of distilling �Branding� down to a mere 15-20 minutes!
Massimo Magliari,
Financial Advisor,
American Express
I really found your presentation very informative. The ABC�s of branding is a great concept
Liza Sanford,
Candy Apple Design
I really enjoyed your presentation a great deal. You offered a lot of very helpful information and your presentation was the most concise, thought-out, and entertaining that I attended that day (referring to a conference called �Market Smart�).
Brian Taylor,
Kistler Tiffany Benefits
Fabulous presentation at the PBN Meeting! It definitely drew my attention to how people brand themselves.
Monica Treichel, PhD, CPA
Fox School of Business
and Management
Thank you for speaking to my Entrepreneurship students. The students and I very much enjoyed your presentation. The information you presented and the insight you shared are quite valuable.
John Delgado,
Entrepreneurship Student,
Temple University
The insight you provided was given in a manner that was very realistic and understandable. It helped me understand the challenges and opportunities faced by being in business as an entrepreneur.
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