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Taking Technology to Market: CattLeLogos Service Offer

A message platform and business approach that accurately talk technology but emphasize customer benefit and ROI.

Who It's For Start-up, small, and mid-sized technology companies with complex products who need to articulate their value proposition for customers or potential investors.
Benefits Marketing messages developed by product and marketing managers who actually understand hi-tech.

A value proposition that speaks to your customers in their language (a.k.a., their needs), not yours.

A compelling business story for the investment community that highlights both business benefit and technology advances.

A professional brand image � a sound and serious presentation of your company to your customers.

Coaching and business process recommendations for presentations and maintaining your brand image.

An approach that works within your budget.
CattLeLogos Approach Start with a situation analysis of your business goals, markets, technology and products to provide the basis for a positioning and messaging strategy.

Articulate your company�s value proposition in clear and believable language.

Create a set of highly professional, integrated marketing materials (paper and electronic).

Provide tools, templates, and training to maintain a consistent brand image.
Taking Technology to Market

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  • Customer Comments
    �Our discussions with CattLeLogos were very valuable. We learned how to refocus our message on the benefits of our technology to our customers rather than the details of how we build our product. The result is a collection of compelling stories that address current customer needs. We are impressed with the results. Now Customers quickly understand the value of our product.�

    � Ben Martindale, CEO,
    Plethora Technology


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